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INSCOP poll: Army and NATO are the institutions Romanians trust the most


The Romanians trust the national forces and NATO the most, while the Parliament of Romania and the European Commission are on the end positions of the ranking of public trust in national and international institutions, respectively, shows an INSCOP poll conducted between January 21 and February 5 at the commission of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

According to a release issued on Thursday, the sociological survey found that the Army continues to be the most trusted national institution, with 64.1 pct of the respondents expressing high and very high confidence therein (as to 66.7 pct in November 2018). The Church is next with 54.5 pct (52.8 pct in November 2018), followed by the Gendarmerie with 43.5 pct (49.3 pct in November 2018) and the Police with 41.2 pct.

According to the same survey, 39.7 pct of Romanians have high and very high confidence in the National Anticorruption Directorate and 39.1 pct highly trust the Presidency (as to 33.7 pct in November 2018). The Mayoralty and the National Bank of Romania share the following spot with 34.7 pct each.

An equal percentage of Romanians (31.4 pct) expressed high and very high confidence in the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), while 27.7 pct of the respondents reported high and very high confidence in the media. Ranked next are the County Council with 20.1 pct, the Constitutional Court with 18.4 pct (19.9 pct in November 2018) and the Government with 12.8 pct (13.7 pct in November 2018) .

Political parties and the Parliament are ranked the lowest by public trust in domestic institutions, with 11.8 pct and 9.8 pct high and very high confidence expressed therein.

NATO tops the ranking of trust in international institutions with a 49.9 pct share, followed by the EU with 47.8 pct. The European Parliament is highly trusted by 44.7 pct of the respondents, while the European Commission has 43.8 pct public trust rating.

The INSCOP Research multi-tier probabilistic poll was conducted on the basis of a questionnaire administered by interviewers at the homes of the respondents (1,080 people) aged 18 and over. The maximum permitted error is plus / minus 3 pct for a confidence level of 95 pct.