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Government approved decision that the minimum salary for 2020 should be 2,230 lei

The minister of work Violeta Alexandru stated on Friday that the government decision which includes that the minimum salary for the next year will be 2,230 lei has been passed. ‘In the government meeting of today we have approved the government decision which includes that the minimum salary for 2020, it is about the salary without further studies, this being kept at the level of the present year, be 2,23 lei, respectively this resulting from an average income of 1,297, which means a growth of 83 lei for each employee’ Alexandru said at the Victoria Palace.

She added that the government decision approves ‘ not only a salary quantum, but an analysis as well’ which we made together with the team of the premier office and the national commission for prognosis. ‘The teams worked for the basics which show from an objective point of view that this growth takes into consideration the inflation rate, as well as the productivitiy indicator. During these weeks, both myself and my  colleagues were involved in active consultations with all social partners (…).Employers’ associations and trade unions presented their viewpoints. We have been deeply interested in the public consultation process to promote the draft government decisioin so that all interested parties be able to expose their opinion and we took into consideration these opinions, we read them all and integrated them in the final text’ she mentioned.