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Gov't assigns about 4.5 mln euros for Romanian frigate mission in NATO's Libya operation

The Romanian Government on Wednesday decided to increase the budget of the National Defence Ministry by 19.164 million lei (nearly 4.5 million euros), from the Reserve Fund, to fund Romania's participation with the King Ferdinand frigate at the NATO missions enforcing the UN arms embargo towards Libya, Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea told a press conference at Victoria Palace (the Government headquarters).

'Romania will step in this operation with the King Ferdinand frigate, having a crew of 205 militaries and two general staff commissioned officers. The King Ferdinand frigate and the two general staff commissioned officers are part of the forces Romania put at NATO's disposal within the NATO Response Force for 2011. (...) Every member state has the obligation to fund the participation of these forces in missions of this kind,' Minister Oprea said too.

At the same time, the national defence ministry said that, during the planning process, the 221 King Ferdinand frigate will be examined in the following manner: the propulsion equipment will be reviewed and its standards will be established, the same as the fight, navigation, communication and protection equipment of the ship. The preparation period for the mission could end even earlier than 30 days.

The frigate participated in NATO missions of level 1 and 2 in 2007 and in 2008 in Italy and Croatia, also in the mission Active Endeavour in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010, as well in ensuring the security at the NATO Summit hosted by Romania in 2008. The main missions the frigate can operate regard patrolling, no-fly zone, surveillance, aerial control. The enforcement of the arms embargo is also a main mission unfolded by NATO, the process consisting in deterring asymmetrical threats, sea control-interception missions.

As additional missions, the ship is ready to operate interventions in order to soften the effects of the natural disasters, interventions in the sea disasters, rescue missions, international representation. The « Regele Ferdinand » frigate, the ship sent by the Romanians to Libya : what armament it has on board
President Traian Basescu stated on Tuesday, after the CSAT meeting that Romania will take part with 205 military and two officers to the operations in Libya, with the Regele Ferdinand frigate to be sent in 30 days in the Mediterranean Sea.

The « Regele Ferdinand » frigate, 22 type was acquired by the ministry of defence through government decision no.1423 in 12 December 2002 following the negotiations with the ministry of defence of the UK. On 3.09.2004 in accordance with the acquisition agreement, the documents for acceptance of the ship were signed, this going to the Romanian authority. On 9 September 2004, in Portsmouth it was officially granted the pavillion. On this occasion the ship was named « Regele Ferdinand » and no of board F221.

The commander of Regele Ferdinand frigate, commandor Mihai Panait took command of the ship in 2009. He has graduated the Naval Academy Mircea cel Batran and the Naval College of Command in Newport US. He has occupied the positions of chief staff of division 146 and deputy commander of the same unit.

General Decebal Ilinca stated that « the two frigates bought from the British army cannot be sent to the Mediterranean as the armament and the military equipment they have could not be used in this conflict »

Date generale despre nava:
General data of the ship

- displacement.......................... 4900 tdw
- length .................................. 148,2 m
- width..................................... 14,75 m
- maximum speed........................... 30 Nd
- draft........................... 6,4 m
- no of decks............................ 8
- autonomy............................... 4500 Mm

- armament:
• Super-fast gun 76 mm Oto Melara
• Torpedo launch installation
• Computer assisted command system
• Passive jamming system
• Electronic fight system
• 9 radar systems
• Propulsion system, 4 Rolls-Royce turbines
• Pitch propeller
• 4 Diesel generators of l MW each at 450 V60 Hz3 phases

To take over the ship from the Royal British Marine there were selected military with good results from all the units allocated to the Staff of the Naval Forces. Having the experience accumulated at board the Romanian ships, the specialty training took place in Romania and the UK as well as aboard the frigate. At this moment, the frigate has 205 military : 18 officers, 76 military masters, one NCO and 110 soldiers and voluntary people.
The Regele Ferdinand frigate is capable to execute fight in all three media : surface, air and under water. Among the main missions of the ship is that to take part to joint operations or collective operations, the command ship of a naval group, protection of transport ways and maritime communications or instruction at sea.
The British ambassador : the news of Romania’s taking part in NATO operations regarding Libya is welcome
The ambassador of the United Kingdom to Bucharest Martin Harris wrote on Wednesday in a blog post that Romania’s decision to contribute to the NATO operations to institute embargo regarding arms traffic by Libya is « very good news ».

« Romania’s decision adopted yesterday to contribute to the NATO operations to institute embargo regarding arms traffic to Libya is very good news » the British ambassador wrote in a blog post.
He reminded the cooperation between the Romanian and the British forces in Afganistan.
« Romania is one of our allies in NATO. The Romanian and British forces fight together in south Afganistan. We will fight together to implement the UN resolutions in Libya » he said.
The ambassador reminded that « NATO is involved in an operation to protect the civil population in Libya against the Kadhafi regime » and « this action is necessary, legal and fair ». « It is necessary to stop the use of force by Kadhafi against his own people. It is a legal operation as it has the approval of the Security Council of UN> And it is fair because we cannot stand aside while Kadhafi is killing his own people » Martin Harris said.

President Traian Basescu stated on Tuesday that CSAT decided that Romania will take part in applying the embargo related to the situation in Libya with the Ferdinand frigate and two staff officers, namely, in total 207 military. The cost of our participation is 4.5 million euro.