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French Institute Timisoara inviting people to Philosophy Night on June 25


The French Institute in Timisoara is extending an invitation to "Philosophy Night," an international event that has been successful in Paris, London, Berlin and New York and that will arrive in Romania on June 25 in the city that will be a European Capital of Culture 2023.

The initiative belongs to the new director of the French Institute in Timisoara, Tilla Rudel, who has previously organised five editions of the event in Tel Aviv, Israel.

"The goal is to showcase philosophy in a different light: at night," Rudel is quoted as saying in a press statement released on Tuesday.

The entire event is conceived as a nocturnal, philosophical and festive journey that starts at the French Institute to three other locations in the city: Faber, La Doua Bufnite and the Faculty of Arts, where philosophers and intellectuals from Romania, France, Belgium and Germany will host debates, conferences, screenings, shows and performances.

Among more than 30 guests selected by the event's curators - Joseph Cohen, Raphael Zagury-Orly, and Cornel-Florin Moraru - will be Monique Canto-Sperber, Jean-Luc Marion, Barbara Cassin, Alain Fleischer, Gisele Sapiro, Edwige Chirouter, Nicolas de Warren, Manon Garcia, Emanuele Coccia, Jochen Horisch, Susan Neiman, Jochen Horisch, Susan Neiman, Ciprian Mihali, Cristian Iftode, Doru Castaian, Florin Lobont, Claudiu Mesaros, Oana Camelia Serban, and Ruxandra Demetrescu.

Curators Joseph Cohen and Raphael Zagury-Orly say "this first night of philosophy in Timisoara marks a real desire to think about the complexity of our present at present time and facing some crises. And not out of the desire to philosophise alone, but simply to propose different avenues for reflection, unexpected trajectories of thought for our time and future, so that together with our guests, many philosophers, scientists, artists, theorists, political scientists and sociologists of international renown, we will address hot topics that only need to be viewed from a different perspective, using different theoretical and practical methods."

The topics approached are diverse, ranging from art to ecology, from ethics to politics and religion, touching on the acute problems of today's society such as: the relationship with our natural and societal environment; the ethics of artificial intelligence; consent, ethics and sex; freedom of expression in the age of fake news, conspiracy and populism; the role of art in our societies; fashion philosophy; the status of religion in various political organisations; the relationship with our common history, with our European past and with our future in the world.