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Florin Citu does not take into consideration any resignation: we have a governing which we have to take to the end

Prime-minister Florin Citu stated on Saturday that he does not intend to resign for the fact that 21 years before he was sanctioned in the US for driving under the influence of alcohol.

‘No, not for a moment. We have a governing that we have to take to the end. We have reforms which we started and which we have to finish. An event happened 21 years ago, which I regret, in the US, there are no implications for what we are doing today’ the premier said, in a press conference delivered at the Victoria Palace.

On the other hand, the premier stated that ‘he was unpleasantly surprised’ by the appreciations of the coalition partners, according to whom the US episode is a morality issue.

‘I saw the statements and I was unpleasantly surprised, as I did not hear any statements when a manager of CFR Calatori left the people without any help for about eight hours, or when the coalition partners shook hands with Dragnea on the PSD headquarters stairs or when they had the PSD people with them in the government. So, these discussions should be held in the coalition, I agree we should discuss it there, but not in the public space, about morality and ethics’ he said.


Premier Florin Citu stated on Saturday, when referring to the fact that he was imprisoned for two days in the US for driving under the influence of alcohol, that he did not bring this topic in the dialogue with president Klaus Iohannis. He said that he did not think for a moment to resign.


The PNL leader, Ludovic Orban requires Florin Citu to apologize to the Romanian citizens for the fact he ‘ had no courage and honesty’ to inform them in connection with the incident in the US when he was imprisoned for two days due to driving under the influence of alcohol. Similarly, the liberal leader considers that premier Citu should apologize to him for not confessing that ‘he was criminally sentenced for drunk driving’.