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Farmers: Draught and rains reduced wheat production by 45%

Big farm producers in Romania declared that draught and rains reduced by 45% the local wheat production this year when 4-4.5million tons of wheat were obtained compared to 7 million tons in 2008. Specialists say the main factors contributing to the drop of wheat production were draught in May, June and beginning of July and heavy rains in the second part of July. Representatives of the main companies in the cereal market declared that although production seems to cover Romania’s consumption, its quality was affected. Most of the low quality wheat can be used to feed animals. In this context the president of the Farm Producers’ League Adrian Radulescu declared, quoted by NewsIn that this year’s crop about 1 million tons can be used for bakery products and estimates Romania might import bakery wheat.The administrator of TCE3 Brazi, Culita Tarata estimates that Romania will have to import up to 800,000 tons of wheat. “This is a difficult year and if we want quality bread we will have to import 500,000-800,000 tons of wheat”, Tarata added.Mihai Anghel, the owner of Cerealcom Dolj declared that Romania will export fodder wheat and will import bread wheat.According to representatives of the cereal market, this year the price of wheat will be 0.4-0.45 leikg, under tar production price. So many farmers will not be able to cover their expenses. He added that this year, as in the last 20 years on the background of crisis, of difficult access to credits and low prices of cereals compared to production costs we will witness the increase of abandoned land areas.He added that bread should be cheaper in 2009, as the present price was established when wheat was about 1 leukg.