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Eurostat:Romania reports biggest slump in construction works in EU in November

Romania experienced the biggest slump in construction works of all the European Union in November 2010, as opposed to the previous month, minus 4.6 percent, according to data presented on Wednesday by the Statistical Office of the European Commission (Eurostat).

The volume of construction works went through a decline of 0.4 percent, and it dropped by 0.9 percent in the Eurozone. According to current available data, eight member states saw an increase in construction works in November compared to the previous month, while in four member states, Romania included, these works decreased in amount.

The largest increase was witnessed by Portugal (4 percent), Bulgaria (2.6 percent), Poland (2.4 percent) and Hungary (2.2 percent) and the most severe decline was reported by Romania (minus 4.6 percent), the UK (minus 1.4 percent), France (minus 1.3 percent) and Germany (minus 1.1 percent).

By annual comparison, November 2010 versus November 2009, Romania reported the second largest downfall in construction works, minus 17.7 percent, only Spain reporting more severe reductions in the EU (minus 30.2 percent).

In the Eurozone, the volume of the construction works dropped by 6.8 percent and the European Union reported a 1.7 percent reduction. The volume of construction works went down in eight member states (Romania included) and went up in six member states.

The largest increase was to be found in Poland (14.9 percent), the UK (11.1 percent) and Sweden (10.4 percent) and the most significant decline in Spain (minus 30.2 percent), Romania (minus 17.7 percent) and Slovenia (minus 16 percent).