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Emil Boc, the Romanian Prime Minister, reelected ruling party president

President of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, at rule) Emil Boc has won, on Saturday, a new mandate as the leader of this party, at the end of the first day of the National Convention of the Democrat Liberals.

According to the President of the Votes Counting Commission, Sulfina Barbu, of the 1,411 votes cast 1,391 were valid, and 20 annuled. A number of 868 delegates voted in favor of Emil Boc, 499 for Vasile Blaga and 24 for Theodor Paleologu. At the same time, Daniel Buda has become the President of the Integrity, Statutes and Litigation Commission, being voted by 874 delegates, and his counter-candidate Marian Jean Marinescu was voted by 521 delegates.
PDL ' s new vice presidents
The National Coordinating Council of the ruling Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) on Sunday elected the party vice presidents. The 15 vice presidents are: Gheorghe Scripcaru, Elena Udrea, Mircea Hava, Traian Igas, Gheorghe Stefan, Anca Boagiu, Dorin Florea, Sever Voinescu, Mihai Stanisoara, Monica Macovei, Mihaela Popa, Florin Popescu, Victor Tarhon, Teodor Paleologu and Romeo Raicu.
Gheorghe Scripcaru won 1,102 votes, Elena Udrea 1,102, Mircea Hava 1,077, Traian Igas 1,071, Gheorghe Stefan 1,016, Anca Boagiu 999, Dorin Florea 936, Sever Voinescu 927, Mihai Stanisoara 922, Monica Macovei 917, Mihaela Popa 906, Florin Popescu 891, Victor Tarhon 818, Teodor Paleologu 793 and Romeo Raicu 790 votes.Ion Ivascu was elected PDL treasurer with 1,223 votes. As many as 1,220 votes of the 1,256 cast by the delegates were valid.
Boc: Romania's modernisation and winning the 2012 elections, main priorities of PDL leadership
Newly reelected national leader of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), major at rule, Emil Boc told journalists, at the end of the party's National Convention meeting on Sunday night, that the main priorities of the new PDL leadership are continuing to modernise Romania and winning the 2012 elections.Boc underscored that the most difficult task will be winning the 2012 elections.

'The current leadership also has the difficult task of keeping PDL the winning party in Romania's politics. To this end, we will have to continue the policy we have been conducting since 2004, which is the policy of solving the people's issues. We are in a serious competition against the Socialist Alliance, but I am more hopeful that ever before that thanks to the new team the National Convention has offered me, we can keep the Socialist Alliance in the opposition and win back the Rumanians's vote in 2012,' said Boc.

'We have emerged stronger from the internal elections; there is nobody and nothing that can tear this party apart. We were, are and will be a winning party,' Boc concluded.