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EC Report: All 49 bathing water areas in Romania comply with mandatory quality values

Water quality in the 49 bathing water sites analyzed in Romania, all located on the Black Sea coast, comply with mandatory quality values of the EU, but only one of these sites also meets the strict guide values, reveals the annual report published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission (EC), which makes a comparison of the water quality in over 21,000 bathing water sites (both coastal, and inland) in Europe.

If in case of mandatory required values the proportion of such conform sites is unchanged from 2009 season (100 percent), in respect of the strict guiding values the proportion would drop from 8.2 percent in 2009 (4 zones of 49) to 2 percent in 2010 (one site in 49).

Since 2007, no bathing area was closed during the season. At the beginning of the reporting period (2007), the proportion of bathing water sites meeting the mandatory values was low (51 percent in 2007) as a result of insufficient water quality assessment. After resolving this issues, the proportion of water sites in line with mandatory values increased to 100 percent, in 2009 and 2010 seasons.

The EC report shows that, in the 2010 season, the bathing water quality across Europe dropped slightly, but remains generally high, more than 90 percent of bathing water sites meeting the minimum quality requirements.

The report includes a detailed description of the quality of bathing waters in the EU Member States during the 2010 bathing season. Analyses are based on data for more than 21,000 locations throughout Europe, designated to bathing, about 70 percent of which are coastal waters, and the remaining inland. Areas are classified in those meeting the mandatory values, areas meeting strict guide values and non-conform areas.

Bathing waters in Europe must meet the standards of the European Bathing Water Directive adopted in 2006, updating the previous legislation in this area and also simplifying it. The Directive had to be transposed into the national legislation by March 2008, although the EU Member States still have another implementation deadline, set on December 2014, Agerpres informs.