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Delegation of Libya's National Transitional Council invited to visit Romania

Romania is ready to extend the dialogue with the representatives of Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC), with a Council delegation having been invited to visit Romania, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson Doris Mircea told a news conference on Thursday.

'We think we can efficiently participate in Libya's reconstruction and back this country on the route towards a democratic society, also by sharing Romania's experience on the long and difficult road of turning from dictatorship to democracy', Mircea said. She stressed that Romania as early as in this April recognised the NTC as a political interlocutor and had a stand of solidarity on all the official decisions of the European Union relating the NTC status and the extended dialogue with its leadership.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson underscored that Romania participated and continues to be part of the NATO-led military operations aimed at implementing the resolutions of the United Nations' Security Council and on various occasions it voiced readiness to support the Libyan nation in the transition from an authoritarian rule to a democratic society as well as for contacts with the National Transitional Council.

'Official representatives of Romania took part in all the meetings of the Contact Group for Libya, the last one in Istanbul, on July 15, by Foreign Ministry state secretaries, they had talks with the chairman of the NTC Executive Committee in Brussels and with members of the NTC leadership in Benghazi, on July 25-26', the spokeswoman said.

The insurgents' entering Tripoli is, according to a quasi majority of the declarations made by the international political factors, a turning point in the conflict development, that seems to signal that the end of the Gaddafi rule is getting near fast and it also signals the need to put the final touches to the strategies aimed at starting the processes of political transition and of the country's economic and social reconstruction, the Foreign Ministry official said.

'The United Nations, the European Union, the regional organisations as well as the Libyan transitional authorities are, as you know, already preparing the post-Gaddafi strategies', Mircea stressed.