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Dacian Ciolos : The strategy for forests launched by ECmust be improved, so that it responds to the specific situations in several states

Member of the European Parliament, co-chairman of USR PLUS, Dacian Ciolos stated on Tuesday night that the strategy for forests launched by the European Commission must be improved so that it responds to the specific situations in several states, but a set of measures would bring more traceability and transparency as regards the timber cutting. ‘ It is regrettable that this issue, which is so important for Romania was not discussed in the governing coalition’ Ciolos says.


 ‘The situation of our forests and the issues we have with massive cuttings and the protection of the forestry have nothing to do with the situation of the forests in the Scandinavian countries. Even less with the situation in countries which protect their woods at home, but support the exploitation of forests in other member states, such as Austria. I have supported the shaping of a European vision on the management of forests since I was European commissionaire for Agriculture. Surely, it is necessary to have the adequate financial resources, but before joining the measures initiated by other member states, I would have liked to read and discuss an honest analysis about the plus and the minuses of this European strategy for Romania’ Ciolos wrote.


The minister of environment, Tanczos Barna announces that Romania has signed, together with other European states, an open letter initiated by Austria, in which they require the European Commission a debate on the forestry strategy. Romania will be, together with other three EU states, among the states to carry the burden as regards the management of old woods which have to be protected. At present, Romania pays almost one hundred million lei annually for the protection of virgin woods.