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Dacian Ciolos: Direct payments to Romanian farmers are to increase by 3 billion euros until 2020

Direct payments to Romanian farmers are going to increase until 2020 by approximately 3 billion euros and one of my suggestions aiming at Romania refers to a 200-euro value per ha until 2018, European Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos told a press conference on Monday.

'I want to highlight that for Romania direct payments to farmers are going to increase until 2020 by approximately 3 billion euros. As far as the rest of the payments are concerned, we shall see, they will be discussed. I have suggested a financing scheme taking into account small farms, too. We also propose a wide range of priorities through which Romania should take into account both quality products and the performance increase in larger farms through innovation. I hope that the consultancy services granted to farmers should also register growth,' Ciolos said.

The official added that, among the elements of the future CAP that are strictly related with Romania's specific, there was also the simplification of the direct payments granting procedure, this fact not encouraging the lack of work.

'The measures or elements specific to Romania are the ones concerning the modalities of granting the direct payments. There will be a simplified scheme for small farms, as, apart from simplifying the procedure for small farms, this measure cumulated with another one can generate good results. Through this direct payment we do not encourage the lack of work or money spending,' Dacian Ciolos mentioned.

When asked how he commented his own statement on the direct payments per hectare in the case of Romania possibly reaching 200 euros until 2020, the European Commissioner for Agriculture pointed out that this thing could happen even sooner.

'I only want to say one thing: 200 euros per ha will be reached as early as 2018. My suggestion was not to expect until 2020. Practically, Romania can benefit from the maximum payment per ha until 2018. CAP is an integrating part of the EU budget. The states giving more than what they receive will take a more careful look at the common budget. It is for the first time when the budget granted to the CAP reform is being discussed in parallel with the future European Union budget exercise,' Ciolos underscored.

At the same time, he mentioned: 'Romania isn't the member state receiving the lowest direct payments,' and exemplified in this respect with Baltic countries such as Lithuania and Estonia, but also Portugal, Agerpres reports.