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CSAT approved the purchase of another five F-16s


The Supreme Council for the Country's Defence (CSAT) established, on Wednesday, Romania's objectives for the NATO reunion, which will take place December 3 and 4, in London.

"We set Romania's objectives for that NATO session. (...) We will emphasize two things. We will reiterate the importance of the Black Sea for NATO, the Eastern Flank and Romania. The second topic is that Romania is still determined to allot 2 pct of the GDP for Defence. Otherwise, I am an adept of a strong NATO alliance and will reiterate the importance of an approach that leads to a powerful and united Alliance," said President Klaus Iohannis, at the Cotroceni Palace, after the CSAT meeting. He said that he will participate in the NATO reunion next week, mentioning that it is rather a festive summit.

President Klaus Iohannis announced that CSAT gave the green light to a government bill on the purchase of another five F-16s. "Today we discussed an important subject regarding Army procurements - specifically the purchase of another five F-16 aircraft, as the government referred to CSAT a relevant bill which received the Council's approval," said Iohannis.

He mentioned that the agreement of Parliament is required for procurements worth over 100 million euro, which is why the procedure provides for the CSAT issuing an opinion on the bill. "The law will be discussed in Parliament," the President said.

The Council also approved, on Wednesday, the military forces that will take part in missions outside the country in 2020. Thus, over 2,100 military with the Ministry of National Defence and over 790 police staff with the Internal Affairs Ministry will take part in missions outside the borders.

"It's a pretty high increase, an increase of over 200 persons who will participate next year over the current year, of which it's important to mention that over 800 of them will participate in the mission in Afghanistan. On the part of the Internal Affairs Ministry we've approved over 790 military and police staff who will participate in different missions where we are part, outside Romania. You can see from this impressive number, Army plus Interior [Affairs], that Romania takes very seriously its mission to offer security, to export security in areas where this desideratum is still not achieved. We are part of many missions, and our military are very appreciated everywhere where they participate," said, on Wednesday, President Iohannis, after the CSAT meeting.

During this meeting, Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu has been appointed as Chief of Defense Staff, President Klaus Iohannis announced. "Lieutenant General Petrescu, a well-known, respected and eminent military man, has received the endorsement for the position of Chief of the Romanian Army Staff," said Iohannis. On October 28 President Iohannis signed the decree on the discharge of then Chief of Defense Staff General Nicolae Ciuca, who subsequently took over as Minister of National Defense in the Orban Cabinet.