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Citu: Standard&Poor’s kept the country rating, but modified the perspective of the Romanian economy from negative to stable

Premier Florin Citu stated on Saturday that, in the context where the rating agency Standard&Poor’s kept the country rating, but modified the perspective of the Romanian economy from negative to stable, ‘ the heroes of the Romanian economy, during this difficult period’ are the private companies, the entrepreneurs.


He stated that the government managed to reduce the budgetary deficit  and have higher income in the budget, without any new taxes or increase the existing ones. Citu said that the decision of the rating agency comes with the obligation to implement reforms quickly.


‘ And now I speak to the members of the Citu Cabinet: you have the obligation to accelerate the reforms in your ministry, in the companies under your guidance, in agencies’ he said.


He also said that the main achievement is the fact that ‘ the context is that of the biggest economic crisis and health crisis over the last one hundred years’.


 ‘This decision of the rating agency S&P’s is the guarantee that what we did was good. Moreover, this decision shows that  our liberal governing programmed is one which ensures the economic stability of Romania. I want to tell the Romanians one thing:I promised the reform of the central administration and the state-run companies, we built the budget to eliminate the waste of the public money. The rating agency confirms we had the right decisions.But this evaluation of the S&P’s agency, the change from ‘negative perspective to stable, for Romania,  means obligations for us. To implement, as we promised these reforms very quickly’, the premier said. He asked the ministers to accelerate the reforms.


He also referred to the PSD representatives saying that this party ‘ is still the main enemy’. ‘ Everything we did and we did well, we, the Liberals, as well as the coalition led by PNL we did it as PSD attacked us constantly and we had all kinds of challenges, both as sanitary crisis and as economic crisis. Today, after the decision of S&P’s I am sure that even Ciolacu and thePSD understand that we had a good decision when we reduced the budgetary expenses and we started the reform of the pensions and the salaries.PSD is still the main enemy, not only political and the economic stability’ he said.