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Ciolos suggests to PNL that PM should be from USR for balanced power share


Co-chair of the Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) alliance in the ruling coalition Dacian Ciolos says his party will not return to power unless it is guaranteed to carry out reforms, suggesting that in a new coalition with the National Liberal Party (PNL), major at rule, and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), USR PLUS should give the prime minister, arguing that there is power enough to share and so there can be a balance of power.

"The meaning of USR PLUS's political existence for its voters and supporters is to change the establishment, to modernise and reform the establishment. So if we have guarantees - and we can pledge that we can make these reforms - it makes sense to reconsider joining back the government, but that means getting our guarantees, and I'm launching an idea here that may seem challenging: I think the best way to make sure that if we join back the government we can make reforms is (...) to suggest PNL and UDMR, if we continue to go together, to make the pick for a prime minister to take on these reforms on behalf of the government. There is [enough] power to share - Parliament. Both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies are powerful bodies, so there can be a balance of power, but if we are not guaranteed to carry out reforms, than rather than being a party in the shadow of PNL, which does what it wants with us, we better think about the opposition as well," Ciolos said on Friday in a debate with his challengers to the leadership of USR PLUS.

He pointed out that early elections are a solution, but that decision does not depend on USR PLUS.

"If we join back the government with PNL, it will not because we are regaining confidence in PNL, but because we want to support the agenda for which the voters chose us, to do everything in our power to implement that agenda of reforms. If we have these guarantees, as long as we can do that, we will go back to ruling, if not, we will join the opposition. We have to start from the premise that - as things stand in Parliament now - there is a possibility for coalitions like the one we have had so far, or the possibility of collaboration between PSD and PNL - and we know what that means to Romania - or early elections, if there is a majority in Parliament for that. I would start with the option of trying to build a governing coalition again, but (...) in which USR PLUS, if we re-enter this game, should have several safeguards that it can carry out reforms ( ...) including putting on the table a proposal for a prime minister or a formula for the operation of the coalition in which there will be a prime minister from USR PLUS," Ciolos explained. 


Prime Minister Florin Citu described as "not serious" Dacian Ciolos' proposal for USR PLUS to nominate the future candidate for prime minister.

"Honestly, s not serious proposal. The National Liberal Party is the largest right-wing party in Romania, it will be the largest political party in Romania, you can't impose a prime minister ... If the negotiations go in this direction, I already consider them not serious and they do not make any sense", Citu declared on Friday in Galati.

Restoring the governing coalition is "the mot decent solution" for the National Liberal Party (PNL) unity, said on Thursday evening, in Tulcea, the chair of the party, Ludovic Orban, who presented to the members of the directorial college of the party's county organization his motion to run for another term as chair of the PNL.

In the context of the current crisis, the PNL chair mentioned that in the past two months the party has lost confidence "in an important share" and that the greatest danger for the Liberals is to make an agreement with the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

"We will have an issue with regaining credibility, and regaining credibility cannot be done unless by the government performance of a stable government. Following the political crisis that has been created, there are only three options: rebuild the governing coalition, govern with the PSD, either with shadow support in Parliament, either face to face with them, meaning USL2 [Social-Liberal Union, coalition centered around PNL and PSD, at rule 2011-2014 - e.n], or we go in opposition. I can tell you honestly, as chairman of the PNL, the greatest danger for us is to make an agreement with the PSD. It will destroy us, the PSD will take us prisoner. If we end up depending on them, they'll let us make fools of ourselves, to pay for all the problems that appear and can't be solved, we won't be able to do any reform, they will systematically attack us, even if they don't topple us unless they believe it's best for them, and we'd be compromised completely," said Orban,

The Liberal leader presented himself as the guarantor of PNL unity and of rebuilding the coalition.

"I guarantee to you that we have the option of rebuilding the coalition, which is the most decent solution. I am also telling you that from a political point of view, it's better with the USR [Save Romania Union] in government, than the USR in opposition. The USR in opposition mobilizes itself. (...) Why should we be enemies with them, when we can collaborate? Of course, in order to collaborate, you must respect your partners, respect the coalition agreements, take care that each partner is treated fairly, have a minimum satisfaction in governing, to deliver to the electorate that voted for that party. It takes common sense, dialogue, tact, permanent negotiation, harmonizing positions and coagulating common positions. And if there is someone to guarantee PNL unity and a guarantor of the coalition's rebuilding, then be certain that there is but one, modestly, the undersigned," said the PNL chair, candidate for a new mandate.

Ludovic Orban started his speech with a moment of silence to the memory of multiple Olympic and World champion rower Ivan Patzaichin and presented his candidacy motion, and at the end of the speech, during the dialogue with the Tulcea branch Liberals, he promised that he won't make any more "promotions in exceptional conditions."

The PNL chair came to Tulcea accompanied by deputy Luminita Barcari, the chair of PNL District 3 branch, Antonel Tanase, and senators Alexandru Nazare and Virgil Guran.