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Cinefemina Festival to start Tuesday in Bucharest


The Cinefemina Festival, a tribute to women in the film industry, will take place from Tuesday to June 18 at the Alexandru Lahovari Square Film Garden.

According to a press release sent on Monday, Cinefemina is a recognition of the artistic excellence of women, but also a rescue from forgetting some notable names, which, since the silent film period, have contributed to the birth and maturation of the seventh art.

The opening of the event will be addressed by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden, Therese Hyden, the director of the Goethe Institute, Joachim Umlauf, president of EUNIC Romania, and Irina Trocan, film critic, coordinator of the anthology "Romanian Cinema Inside Out: Insights on film culture, industry and politics (1912 -2019)".

The festival will open on Tuesday, at 20.30, with an exhibition of portraits dedicated to the directors included in the program, as well as with a trailer presenting the event, followed, at 21.30, by the Swedish production "A serious game", directed by Pernilla August.

The event will also screen the films "Cows Are My Girls" - directed by Kinga Debska (Poland), "Mataharis" - directed by Iciar Bollain (Spain), "The Dreamers" - directed by Ruth Beckermann (Austria), "Holiday Homes "- directed by Sonja Kroner (Germany)," Hours of Peace "- directed by Katerina Evanghelakou (Greece)," Lemonade "- directed by Ioana Uricanu (co-production Romania, Germany, Canada, Sweden), "Alone at My Wedding"- directed by Marta Bergmann (Belgium).

"Women have been involved in film since the silent film period, although many of them are now forgotten, despite the important contribution of that time. The global film industry remains dominated by men. When it comes to gender equality in film, there is still much That is why Cinefemina aims to contribute to raising awareness of gender equality and highlighting female role models when it comes to male-dominated industries," the event's Facebook page reads.

Cinefemina is made with the participation of nine EUNIC members: the Spanish Embassy, the Swedish Embassy, the Walloon Delegation - Brussels, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Greek Cultural Foundation, the Cervantes Institute, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Goethe Institute, the Polish Institute with Creart support.

Tickets can be purchased online.