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Chinese investors, interested by the construction of the new runway of 3,500 m in Cluj Airport

The chairman of the Cluj County Council Alin Tise said that Chinese investors in the province Shandong are interested by the construction of the new runway of 3,500 m of the International Airport in Cluj-Napoca, so that they are expected for the bid which will be organized by the authorities. Tise stated at the end of the meeting of the Cluj Council that the value of the runway, as it results from the feasibility study is of 122 million euro and covers the runway and the respective signaling.

According to Tise, the financing of the new runway will be made on the basis of supplier –loan, procedure used for the two new terminals, departures and arrivals of the Cluj airport.
« The airport will give bills with maturiy at the end of a certain number of years, between eight and ten and out of the budget of the airport and Cluj County Council the investor will build the runway and will get the money back. The winner of the bid will bring the money and will do the work and will get the money back in time” Alin Tise said. The 3,500 m runway will allow the landingtake off from the Cluj-Napoca airport of transatlantic flights and cargo flights. The works could start this year and would be finalized in two years’ time. The leadership of the Cluj County Council and the Chinese provice Shandong signed, at the beginning of May a protocol of collaboration.



Tuesday, June 1, 2010