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Celebration of 140 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Great Britain


British Ambassador to Romania, Andrew Noble, declared on Wednesday that Romania is not yet very well known in Great Britain and is too frequently subject to negative stereotypical perceptions.

Speaking at an online event dedicated to the celebration of 140 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and Great Britain, Noble said that this is one of the challenges he faces as an ambassador and that while traveling through Romania, he discovered that the reality is always better than reputation, regardless of the sector, even in areas that experience difficulties.

According to the British diplomat, Romania has been reforming for 25 years now, and although it will take longer to solve the problems created by Ceausescu's communist regime, the progress made has been "fantastic".

Andrew Noble went on to say that Romania is a strong and reliable partner, a place with extraordinary people, wonderful food and even better wine.

In his turn, Prince Charles sent the participants a video message stating that since 1880, relations between the UK and Romania have changed a lot, as both countries have undergone transformation.

Our societies and economies have developed in countless ways, and technological advances have reduced the distance between us, said the Prince, noting also that the British and Romanian armed forces are working together within NATO on peacekeeping missions.

He pointed out that the partnership between Romania and the UK is strategic and vital for the governments of both countries and for the two peoples.

Prince Charles said that the more than 600,000 Romanians who currently live in the UK play an important role in their communities and that many of them have recently been at the forefront of the efforts to combat the public health crisis.

He said that he is proud of the fact that an extraordinary network of charities in Great Britain supports Romanians in various fields, including the protection of the country's unique biodiversity, or people with special needs, and concluded with the opinion that, just like Great Britain, Romania is a country of remarkable diversity, featuring a precious tapestry of cultures, religions, languages and people.

Addressing the event, British Minister for European Neighborhood and the Americas, Wendy Morton, said that the friendship and ties between the United Kingdom and Romania are now stronger than ever, and voiced her conviction that the strategic partnership between the two states, showcasing the strength and breadth of their bilateral relationship, will endure into 2021 and beyond, as the two states seek to refresh and reinforce the many ways in which they work together.

Wendy Morton said that over the past 30 years, economic and trade links between the United Kingdom and Romania have grown considerably, and that Great Britain is the seventh largest investor in Romania, and that in their turn, Romanian companies make their presence felt in Great Britain, especially in technology and IT.

În turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, expressed his confidence, on Wednesday, that the Romanians in the United Kingdom "will continue to be a catalyst" for the partnership with this state, even after January 1, 2021.

"Romania has the second largest community in the UK, which contributes to the British economy and society in many positive ways. I welcome the fact that many Romanian employees, especially in the British health system, have played a crucial role in the fight against the pandemic. I am confident that the Romanians in the United Kingdom will continue to be a catalyst for our partnership even after January 1, 2021. I also count on the fact that the British authorities will grant them full access and ensure their rights even after Brexit is concluded," said Bogdan Aurescu, in a recorded video message, which he sent to the participants in online event, which took place on Wednesday and which was dedicated to the celebration of 140 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and the United Kingdom.

Bogdan Aurescu voiced his confidence that Romania and the United Kingdom share a common vision on the need to achieve a higher level of bilateral cooperation, through an updated and strengthened strategic partnership, much more connected to the new realities at European and global level.

In his view, deepening cooperation in a wide range of fields, from foreign affairs and security, to economics, science, research, innovation and technology can only enrich the relationship between the two states and open the way to achieving important goals for the two countries.

The Minister stated that, since 1989, Romania and the United Kingdom have channeled their efforts to promote similar visions, based on common values and principles. He said that this privileged cooperation has led to a strong and dynamic strategic partnership.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the cooperation between the two countries in the field of security and defense, the common interests in foreign policy at Europe's borders and their support for a strong transatlantic link have brought the two states closer.