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Businessmen ask parties to end political crisis rapidly

Members of Concordia Patrons Confederacy express their hope that the political crisis crossed by Romania should end as soon as possible.


Citizens' expectations, also shared by businessmen, are that their representatives in Romania's Parliament and Government should place on a secondary level party problems and immediate political agendas when social and economic matters with major impact on people' s lives claim unity and collaboration. Only thus we can, together, citizens, authorities and businessmen, succeed in taking advantage of the economic growth we experience to build a sustainable and productive national and European future”, wrote the Concordia members in an open letter sent to the Presidential Administration and parliamentary parties.


Stability and predictability are key elements of investment decisions, and an extended political crisis could affect even projects being implemented. Such a crisis comes to add to the uncertainty created by the pandemic.


Concordia members appeal to all political leaders to find the quickest way of reaching a common denominators which should ensure Romania's well being and that of its citizens, as well as their confidence that their primary, social and economic interests are above immediate  political calculations,” the letter reads.


Concordia represents 15 of the most important sectors of the national economy and is a social dialogue partner, representative at national level. With a total of over 350,000 employees in over 2,000 big and small firms, with foreign and local capital, Concordia is the only organization in Romania member of BusinessEurope, the International Organization of Employers and Business at OECD.