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BNR drew 1.9 billion lei from the banks, in one week deposits at an interest of 9% year

The National Bank of Romania ( BNR) drew 1.9 billion lei ( 447.7 million euro) from nine banks, money they placed in deposits with maturity on 24 July which offers annual interest of 9% equal to that of monetary policy, a banking dealer said.
« Interests dropped for the first period of the meeting at 5.5- 6.5% almost the interest paid by the central bank for the facility to deposit of 5% per year. BNR wanted to regulate the level of liquidity on the market” the dealer explained.
After that operation, the interbanking interests for overnight deposits came back almost to the interests of monetary policy of 9% per year.
The National Bank of Romania presented for the first part of the day of Friday an average level of interest for ROBID overnight of 5.88 % per year, dropping against the previous meeting, of 7.67% per year, and for overnight deposits ROBOR, the interest dropped at 6.38% per year from the level of Thursday of 8.17% per year.
The most recent operation of reverse repo was on 18 May when the central bank drew 153.9 million lei from the banks, for one week. Since the beginning of the year BNR drew from banks, by reverse-repo almost 4.4 billion lei.
At the same time, BNR injected liquidity on the market, through repo operations with maturity of one month. Only since the beginning of this month, the sums on the market in three operations mean 10.5 billion lei.