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BNR: Companies in industry continued to layoff in September but in a slower rhythm

The companies in industry had new layoffs in September but it is possible the intensity of the process to have dropped while on the segment of constructions 80% of the operators estimate a stability at the present level, the BNR conjuncture bulletin shows.
« In September the industrial companies will have new layoffs but the intensity of this process is to drop, as the balance improved by 17 percentage points ( up to -29%). In the constructions sector, almost 80% of the operators anticipate the end of hiring ( the positive conjunctural balance was reduced to 6 times, getting close to zero)” the bulletin published by the central bank shows, which analyses the expectations of the companies for the present month.
At the same time, the slowing down of the decreasing tendency of the number of employees “ will mean the stoppage of layoffs in oil exploitation industry, coal processing and nuclear fuel processing, the evolution being suggested by the sign inversion of the conjunctural balance against the month of August ( from – 97% to +24%) “ the BNR analysis shows.
On the other hand, the conjuncture bulletin shows, for September personnel reductions in the exploitation sector, metallurgy industy, metallic constructions and metal products, construction materials industry and production activity, transport and electricity distribution, gas and hot water distribution ( balance varies between -52% and -71%).
« The stability of the number of employees was anticipated at 69% to 74% of the total of interviewees of the transport means industry, timber manufacturing industry, chemical industry, as well as by the managers of companies with printing and reproduction activity, IT industry” the analysis says.
The conjuuncture survey relies on a national sampling representative at county level ( both by number and structure). Starting with August 2005, the range of the sampling was expanded, the number of selected units being at present of almost 420.



Tuesday, September 29, 2009