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BestJobs survey: almost half of the employees take into consideration becoming freelancers

A number of 47% of the employees taking part in a study made by BestJobs take into consideration to give up the statute of employee and become freelancers. According to a press release sent by the recruitment platform on Wednesday.

The motivation of 44% of the interviewees to become free lancers is the flexibility of the programme and the independence offered by this type of activity, show the results of the survey.

For another 15% of the interviewees, the motivation to work as free lancers is the liberty of working anywhere, and 12% hope to get higher income as free lancers.

In the perspective of working as free lancers, 38% of the interviewees mentioned that they would like to work from home, 12% would move to the rural area of Romania, 10% would move to the mountains, and 9% would go to an exotic destination.

On the other hand, 70% of the employees taking part in the survey mentioned that they worked or appreciate it would be necessary to work after normal work time.

Most (23%) consider that they will get to work during free time as they have no replacement, another 22% will want to help their colleagues, while 19% confess they have to do it when unexpected situations appear.

A percentage of 49 of the interviewees in the survey said they accept to work during their free time only in exceptional situations, while 25% have no problem to work when their boss requires it.

In exchange, 15% stated they would agree to solve tasks during their free time if they are paid extra, and 11% said that, usually, they refuse to work during their free time.

At the same time, the activity of the employees after the normal working time is not always connected to the workplace only, some employees being open to allocate some time for supplementary projects, says the press release of BestJobs.

Thus, more than half (52%) of the employees who took part in the survey confessed they accepted at least occasionally professional projects outside the workplace. When they work during their free time, 14% say they did it for supplementary projects, 24%allocated time both for projects and the workplace, while 41% dealt only with tasks connected to the workplace.

A percentage of 47 of the interviewees to the survey stated that they choose to work supplementarily to increase their income. Another 30% dealt with  supplementary professional projects for personal development and knowledge in new areas of activity, 18% to help other people, and 6% to expand their own portfolio.

From those who dealt with professional supplementary activities, 65% did it for paid projects, while 35% dedicated their time to voluntary work.

Only 38% of those who had professional projects outside the workplace choose the same domain of activity.

The domains which allow employees to work outside the work time are technical (24%), education and training (16%), sales (14%), financial and accountancy (10%) and IT (8%).

9% of the interviewees in the BestJobs survey stated they have projects of Content Creation and Social Media, these being among the most wanted new jobs, which allow activity anywhere and with flexible programme.

The survey was made by BestJobs during 16th July – 6th August, on a sample 1,033 internet users in Romania.