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Avangarde Survey: Weak interest for LGBT topic in Romania


Romanians believe the LGBT community should not be given more rights (57%). Still, they don’t “have a problem” with the community (50%) and don’t believe that the Church should have a stronger voice regarding the decisions authorities must take (58%), according to a poll conducted by Avantgarde at the request of G4Media.ro.


The most frequent answer provided in the poll by far was “I don’t know”, which can be associated with a low interest hence low radicalization of the public on this topic.

The high rate of answers objecting to “more rights for the LGBT community” reflects a combination of predominant traditional values, but also a lack of information in regard to the actual rights the community has (or has not) generated by the lack of a serious public debate on this topic.


Romanians also believe that the value of the “traditional family” should be strengthened - but this should be again interpreted in the context of the weak interest related to the LGBT dispute and more, for instance, in the context of, for example, child allowances.


The family (traditional or not) receives very weak to no support from the authorities - compared to western countries, and this is the major issue for the general public in Romania. In other words, the “traditional family” does not generally tend to be defined in public in contrast with the LGBT community - but rather in terms of a family (any family).


Recently, the marketing research company Reveal Marketing was defining the “traditional family” as that with average wealth and average education - as opposed to the “modern family” defined as those families with above-average wealth and education.