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Aurescu: Any threat to Romania is in fact a threat to NATO

Any threat to Romania is in fact a threat to NATO, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu said on Sunday.

He referred to recent tensions in the Black Sea region and stressed that NATO "is the strongest political-military alliance".

"The fact that Romania is part of this alliance is a guarantee for the security of Romania and its citizens, without any doubt, that is why I told you that there is no danger for Romania and its citizens during this crisis that took place in the past days. But we have to be very clear here: any threat to Romania is in fact a threat to NATO and we take these issues seriously," the head of Romanian diplomacy told Antena 3 TV station.

He also spoke about a recent message posted on the Facebook page of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest.

"I briefly read a reaction that the Russian Embassy posted on Facebook these days and I saw there a kind of warning more or less veiled to Romania of not following in the footsteps of some military adventurers from the NATO leadership. It is unfortunate that it is not yet known within the Russian diplomacy that, 17 years after Romania's accession to NATO, that Romania is NATO," Bogdan Aurescu said.

He emphasized that "Romania is NATO, we participate in decision-making within NATO, we do not follow anyone in NATO, because we are part of the decision within the North Atlantic Alliance, which at the same time is nothing else but a defensive alliance."