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AOAR : Privatisation of state monopoly, economically disadvantageous

The Association of Business People of Romania (AOAR) considers that resuming economic growth, economy creditation and creation of new work places are objectives which lack in the discussions taking place in Bucharest between the members of the IMF delegation and the government officials.Moreover, the business people require the government and the parliament a public debate regarding the future of privatisation.

« AOAR who has supported since October 2008 the necessity of a financial agreement of Romania to IMF observes that, after the stability of the financial-banking system, necessary and made in 2009, IMFEC WB are still repeating some issues of discussions, but not so important for the Romania of today » a press release of the Association says. Moreover, the business people consider that getting to privatisation of other state monopolies such as Transgaz, Transelectrica or Romgaz is not welcome, and disadvantageous economically for Romania.

AOAR considers that they surprisingly noticed the IMF willingness to discuss, take over and publicly support the interests of big companies in the domain of energy with foreign capital, without having an analysis of the stage of investment and assumed pledges by these companies at the moment of privatisation of state companies. The AOAR officials want to find out from the IMF delegation which is the motivation for exclusive interest for the domain of energy and not only, such as agriculture, constructions, processing industry or tourism.

« AOAR requires the government and the parliament to present for public debate the future measures regarding the continuation of privatisation process, drawing attention about the extremely worrying situation existing in the Romanian economy, situation generated by the ignoring of the importance of Romanian capital, respectively the fact that at present the number of work places is equal to that of 50 years ago » the Association press release said.
The Romanian authorities will start over the next months the selling of some significant packages in the energy companies such as Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica, Romgaz, Transgaz as well as others, the head of IMF mission Jeffrey Franks said.