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Anticorruption policemen to be trained by FBI

Police officers from the Anticorruption Directorate General (DGA) will be trained in the field of fighting corruption by FBI agents, in two webinars to be attended by specialists from Slovenia, Kosovo and the Republic of Moldova.

According to a statement from the DGA sent on Wednesday, the professional training courses of the 16 anticorruption police officers are organized by specialists from the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Budapest, with the support of the US Embassy in Bucharest.

The first webinar, called "Forum for Development and Executive Policies in the Field of Anticorruption Legislation," will take place on March 22-25.

The course will focus on methods of collecting and analyzing information, investigating corruption offences, strategic leadership, as well as international cooperation for the identification, investigation and prosecution of corruption.

Participants will study best practices in preventing and combating corruption. They will also have the opportunity to discuss ways to improve the legislative framework and to develop new approaches and partnerships in the common fight against corruption at the global level.

The second webinar will be held on April 20 and 21 and will discuss "Public Corruption and Internal Control," focusing on employee ethics and internal disciplinary procedures.

The session will include discussions and exercises on ethical standards for law enforcement agencies, as well as the standards of conduct that managers must impose and maintain to ensure that staff have an appropriate attitude.

Reducing the motivation to commit acts of corruption, regular reassessment of police officers and financial reporting will also be topics of interest in this course.

The International Law Enforcement Academy Budapest, coordinated by the FBI, provides regional training in criminal justice to improve law, law enforcement and democratic institutions in the participating countries. 



Thursday, March 18, 2021