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Alstom, Bombardier eyeing Romanian train and rail signaling market

Global transport giants Alstom (France) and Bombardier (Canada) plan to expand their presence in Romania on the market of regional trains and on the rail signaling market, representatives of the two groups told Agerpres.

'Romania is a very important country for Alstom, which plans to become a multi-regional company. Apart from the maintenance contact we have with Metrorex for the Bucharest underground, we also operate a production unit for the group and we are also running energy business,' said Gian Luca Erbacci, Alstom Transport General Manager for South Europe.

He mentioned that Alstom, a leader on the European Rail Traffic Management Systems market in terms of both infrastructure and equipped rolling stock, will focus in the future on the Romanian railway signaling market, which is highly potential, the more so as Romania will have to set in place the interoperable European Rail Traffic Management System intended to unify the Europe-wide rail traffic signaling and security systems.

The system will be installed along European rail Corridors, IV, VII and IX. 'We will focus on the signaling market, which is highly potential. Let us also not forget the train market, where Alstom's Coradia railcar would be fit for Romania's intercity trains,' said Erbacci.

The Coradia train can be powered by diesel or electricity, can reach a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour, and has a capacity of 70 - 810 seats per train. There are 980 trains already in operation, and 1,400 were already sold.

The cited official also said that Alstom is considering the tenders for trams several Romanian municipalities, Bucharest included, have announced.

'We have solutions for urban transport, where we are an important presence in Europe. Let us not forget the underground, the more so as Bucharest will expand the relevant network in the coming years,' said Erbacci.

Bombardier, which is present on the Romanian market with the underground trains delivered to the Metrorex Company, plans to enter the railway signaling market, but also the train market with its AGC high-capacity train.

'The Romanian railway signaling market has good perspectives, although we are not one of the biggest players in this industry. We will further keep an eye on the projects to expand the Bucharest underground network,' said Mircea Marian, Bombardier Romania general manager.

Apart from the Bucharest underground maintenance contract worth 260 million euros until 2014, and the contracts with rail power supply company CFR Electrificare and railway passenger transport company CFR Calatori, Alstom Transport also manufactures in its Romanian unit subassemblies intended for export, mainly for the Czech Republic, Italy and Finland.

Bombardier controls 40 percent of the European rolling stock market. The company has four contracts with Metrorex for the delivery of some 40 trains and the carrying out of the related signaling systems, worth an aggregate of almost 300 million euros.

Bombardier is a world leader in the manufacturing of underground trains, electric multiple units, engines and trams.