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AIICB: In reality, approximately 7 million Romanians are abroad


The number of Romanians who went abroad is,in reality, approximately 7 million out of whom I don’t think 10% will come back to Romania, stated on Wednesday Cezar Caleap,  executive manager of the International Association of Creative Entreprises of Belgium (AIICB) in a workshop with the topic ‘ Brussels and the way to success’.

‘It is true that Belgium or Brussels do not offer so much from the point of view of business,  but what I want to say is that we have Romanians there, it is the largest community after the Belgians. I don’t know if it is good news. The Romanian diaspora is the first community in Italy and Spain as well and in the Uk and it starts not be anymore in Romania. What I know is that in reality we have almost 7 million Romanians abroad, out of whom I don’t think 10% will come back,we should be aware of this. In the statistics of the foreign ministry I was surprised to see that there are Romanians in Japan as well,South America and we speak about real figures, those with residence permit – 5 million, which is not communicated  fairly here. Similarly, at least 2 million Romanians are on the road all the time’Caleap said.

In his turn,Viorel Stoica, the executive chairman of the Association Internationale de Creative Business of Belgium  mentioned that, at present, in Belgium, the Romanian community is made up of 170,000 people out of whom 48,000 in Brussels.

‘In Belgium, we are talking about a Romanian community of 170,000 people.There are many mixed families. I am more optimistic and I say that out of the total of the Romanians abroad 50% will go back, if we know how to appeal to them’ Stoica mentioned.

As regards the role which the capital Brussels can have on the future creative initiatives Costin Lianu, general manager of USH Pro Business said that Brussels has not only a European renown but it is the place  where many businesses can develop and where interests are represented.

‘Brussels is not in itself a very developed market,a concentration for suppliers on different markets which can lead us to distribution channesl as many exporters and companies from  Romania are trying to find.At the same time, Brussels has the vocation of being the place where interests can be represented and can create that lobby or necessary branding so that producers can develop their business. I consider that, at present,the capital city of Belgium  is little put to value from the point of view of the representation of the interests of the business environment of Romania. The main asset of Brussels is the high concentration of experts, diplomats and people who can be vectors for the presentation and development of the business’ Lianu said.

The International Association of Creative Entreprises of Belgium  ( L’Association Internationale des Entreprises Creatives) was set up in August 2018 and means to organise next year in Brusses between 22-24 February an exhibition of products and services which should host almost 150 companies from Romania and another almost 150 companies of the Romanians in Belgium together with Belgian companies.

The Association means to become a centre of representation with Romanian entrepreneurs who will develop or have developed business in Belgium. Similarly, another plan of the new Association is to create in Belgium a Romanian shop ‘ anchor’type which should work with several companies from Romania.