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AEP will not return 3 million lei to PSD, for European elections campaign

The Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) president Constantin Buica announced that the Authority would not return 3,380,000 lei spent by PSD for European elections, since the signature on documents was not that of the president in office of the party.

“The total amount of 3,380,000 lei, AEP does not refuse to return these amounts, there were two stages: the first one when candidates contributed for the election campaign and then requested PSD to return the money spent in the election campaign, either for those  by subsidy, that were not returned and also those for candidates. A non payment decision was sent at the end of the 60 days when the Authority had time to check and decide on the validity of documents. The non payment decision was made because a signature was not backed by the president in office,”said Constantin Buica on Realitatea TV.

The AEP president also explained that “although these documents were sent after the non payment decision, following a complaint for the decision, we the Authority can no longer do anything because all documents have entered the civilian circuit and according to law 554 we cannot cancel the decision.”

He added that PSD can contest the AEP decision or attack it in court.