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Competition Council's head: Sanctioned companies to be allowed to participate in tenders, if plead guilty, take measures

Companies sanctioned for rigging public tenders can get rid of the ban on participating in such procedures for three years if they plead guilty, cooperate with the competition authority and take measures to stop violating the law in the future, Bogdan Chiritoiu, head of the Competition Council (CC) said on Wednesday.

He participated in the online conference "Pria Competition in Constructions."

"Public procurement law says that if a company has been involved in violations of the law, including violations of the Competition Law, that company can be banned from participating in public procurement procedures for a period of three years. This is a provision of the European public procurement law, transposed into the national legislation," Chiritoiu mentioned.

According to him, the Competition Council wanted, by publishing a list of 35 companies sanctioned for rigging public tenders in the last three years, to come to the aid of contracting authorities, but also to show companies that they can act so as not to break the law.

In August, the Competition Council posted on its Website, for the first time, a list of 35 companies that had been involved in investigations into bidding in the past three years, sanctioning decisions, and information on how to their cooperation with the national competition authority.

Some of the mentioned companies, such as Intrarom, Electrica and Cis Gaz, requested their removal from this list, stating that they challenged the sanctioning decision with the court.