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AHK Romania : Work force is Romania's biggest issue


The biggest issue Romania is facing at this moment is the work force, along with the lack of predictability and bureaucracy, Dragos Anastasiu, Chair of the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Romania) declared on Wednesday.

"The Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce is coordinating the Coalition for Romania's Development and in this position we periodically meet with authorities, the government factor, and we tell them the following: the biggest issue Romania is facing at this moment is the work force. We aren't just talking about figures. There simply aren't enough people to be hired, their quality is questionable and they lack the right mentality in Romania. So the work force is the biggest issue in this country. Secondly, we cannot live without predictability, but this is somewhat chronic... The third problem is bureaucracy, because every day we do things that are pointless. We lose energy, we lose money, we pay people to do meaningless things. It is a frustrating situation that costs us time and money," Dragos Anastasiu told at a conference organised by Business Review.

"Let's talk about tourism and not only, about exports, investments and so on. Our reality is not as negative as the image we are "enjoying". Tourism's budget, the budget for the country's brand promotion was lower last year than the budget we had in our company, and the budget we had was not a large one," Dragos Anastasiu said, who is also the founder of Eurolines.

Another issue mentioned by him was the wage rise in the public sector, a rise that could lead to problems in the private sector.

"I lose a lot of drivers that go to work for RATB [the Autonomous Transportation Enterprise of Bucharest, ed.n.] For 23 years Eurolines has never had any sort of problems with the drivers because they all left RATB to work for Eurolines. Now drivers are leaving Eurolines to go to RATB because they get paid better, even though RATB is failing and losing money. It's a public company and their salaries are higher," Dragos Anastasiu said.